“Obviously, as an employee of a cruise line, I travel the globe, so we see the security response in many international ports. The standard here is exceptional; be it in regard to ISPS requirements or customer service. World Security teams are helpful, coordinated and work with us as partners. So we get an end-to-end service from docking at the port, to passengers disembarking, until we depart for our next destination. Passengers always comment on how happy they are with the service provided; for example when they are assisted to recover items, need directions or have security concerns. The real advantage is that World Security has valuable experience and knows the local market, so they are able to anticipate our needs.”

Sunil Beedlam, Chief Security Officer, Costa Luminosa, Costa View all Testimonials

Automatic Number Plate Recognition System

ARCAM is a multi-channel License Plate Recognition Software designed specifically for recognizing Vehicle Number Plates. ARCAM captures front or rear views of the vehicle. The integrated image processing software automatically scans the stream of incoming images for any vehicle and its number plate.

ARCAM is approved by DPS and is one of the most advanced and economic solution in number plate recognition. ARCAM ANPR solution captures high resolution images and uses optical character recognition to identify each number. This registration number can then be used for multiple purposes and applications like law enforcement, parking management or electronic toll collection.

ARCAM today supports smart reporting and dashboards. It can also be used for access control and take necessary action for registered vehicles.

ARCAM parking management feature provides vehicle statistics, parking availability, peak hour analysis which can help in traffic management. Its smart Alert and Notification feature can be setup to send SMS / E-mail alerts for wanted vehicles in real time.

With an accuracy rate of 98%, ARCAM solution is an all-in-one ANPR solution with high quality and reliability.


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