“Obviously, as an employee of a cruise line, I travel the globe, so we see the security response in many international ports. The standard here is exceptional; be it in regard to ISPS requirements or customer service. World Security teams are helpful, coordinated and work with us as partners. So we get an end-to-end service from docking at the port, to passengers disembarking, until we depart for our next destination. Passengers always comment on how happy they are with the service provided; for example when they are assisted to recover items, need directions or have security concerns. The real advantage is that World Security has valuable experience and knows the local market, so they are able to anticipate our needs.”

Sunil Beedlam, Chief Security Officer, Costa Luminosa, Costa View all Testimonials

Quality & Standards

World Security is certified to three international standards like Quality Management System( ISO 9001/2008), Occupational Health and Safety( OHSAS 18001/2007) and Environment Management System( ISO 14001/2004) and is complying with other international standards like Supply Chain Management System( ISO 28000/2007) and International Standard for Port Security( ISPS) for its port security services.

World Security won Dubai Quality Appreciation Program in April 2013 for 2012 cycle and also won the Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award for Gold Category in September 2013 for 2013 cycle. WS has taken a series of quality initiatives to address its quality enhancer programs. In a nutshell, some of the key quality initiatives are summarized as

  • Outsourced Nielson to conduct market survey to ascertain our market share in the local market.
  • Regularly conducts Client Focus Group, Suppliers Focus Group, Employee Focus Group.
  • Conduct ten annual satisfaction survey that includes valued clients, valued suppliers, valued employees, banking partners, society, shareholders, inter departmental rating, value added performer rating etc.
  • Compliances to all standard clauses of Quality Management System( ISO 9001/2008), OHSAS 18001/2007 and Environment Management System( ISO 14001/2004).
  • A continual journey of excellence while grabbing the two prestigious awards that is Dubai Quality Appreciation Award for 2012 and Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award for Gold Category for 2013.
  • Documentation of yearly Corporate Business Plan and its cascading to departmental business plan.
  • Introduced and implemented balance score cards since 2010
  • Introduction of Helpline number 04-3450336 since 2010 to address the complaint of our valued employees.
  • Placement of suggestions boxes in all accommodation to get the feedback of our valued employees.
  • Introduction of an effective client complaint mechanism based on ISO 10002 guidelines where our valued clients can mail on
  • Documented forty different policies to address the modus operandi of different departments and communicated to all concerned stakeholders.
  • Issued ten core policy booklets to all operational workforces.
  • Continual internal and external training and awareness session to enhance the work related knowledge.
  • Involvement of our valued partners in our HSE training and awareness programs.
  • Issuing ten core policy booklet to all operational workforce
  • Published in-house newsletter since 2008 onwards
  • Established mini library to quench the intellectual thirst of our valued employees.
  • Conducts regular internal assessment, face second party assessment and third party assessment in a regular manner.